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Name of the site: ClassTools/Animated Book
Subject Area: All subjects
Grade Levels:K-12
Creator of this Resource:
Language: Instructions in English but project could be done in any language


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Fun Factor

At first we were wicked excited about this classtool. But, there does not appear to be an easy way to embed images. Adding images would boost the Fun Factor as well as the educational value of this tool ten-fold. This tool still has a Fun Factor without the images because students would enjoy the page turning effect of the animated book.

Privacy/ Advertising

This is not ad-free it uses google ads on the right hand margin. The ads we saw were innocuous. An account is not necessary to use this tool.

School User Friendliness

Include information about reliability, accessibility, appropriateness, advertising information in this paragraph.


A teacher could use this:
to break up long text for comprehension and discussion.
to publish student work.

Writing conventions and craft could be taught via this tool.


Professional Development